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R1800 – 2 WEEKS 

Would you like your Domestic lady to have an effective cleaning timetable? Would you like her to know how to pack your cupboards properly and look after all your appliances and clothing? We have a comprehensive 2 Full Day cleaning course covering all aspects of Domestic housework plus some extras to help busy moms!

The course takes place one weekday a week from 9am to 4.30pm over the 2 week period and the cost is R1 800 for the 2-week course.


  • A weekly and monthly ‘to do list’ around the home
  •  How to hang washing on the line
  • How to Spring clean.
  • How to make a proper grocery list
  • Defrosting & cleaning fridges
  • How to freeze foods
  • Stove top care
  • How to keep and sort the linen & towels
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • How to ‘put back’ the clean laundry into the cupboards
  • Oven cleaning
  • Mattress care
  • Removing carpet stains
  • How to lay out the kitchen and cupboards
  • Cleaning and caring for pots & pans
  • Cleaning copper & silver
  • How to read labels on the clothes
  • Safety in the home
  • How to remove basic stains
  • Basic first aid & H.I.V. discussion
  • Special care laundry items

Wow – what a wonderful course. My dear Nancy started with us 8 years ago and initially did the child minding course but with the children at school she has taken on more house keeping responsibilities. Being a full time teacher and mom I found myself getting frustrated by how little I could get done at home and was delighted when Gail offered a 6 week Spring Cleaning course. I signed Nancy up, She loved every minute of it and she has learnt so much. She is so excited about using all her knowledge and implementing a housekeeping plan. I know that Nancy feels empowered and I am thrilled to see a better strategy of cleaning being done. Thank-you to Gail and staff for inspiring Nancy and for making my life that much easier – we can’t wait to do the cookery course.

Janine Pollard