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Combined Zulu/English


Combined Zulu/English

R1,000.00 R750.00


Four modules will be covered during this English Child Care Course, these are

  • Basic Child Care
  • How to treat sick children, including medical emergencies, activation of the emergency services and practical demonstration of CPR and Choking
  • HIV and Aids Awareness
  • Child Stimulation and Play

You will also be asked to correctly answer a number of module related quizzes and there will be “at home” assignments to complete.



Are you going to be leaving your child with a Child Minder? Would you like them to learn the critical skills of Child Care?

Vital Life Training has been training Child Minders for over 15 years. We realized the need to make our training more accessible to more people and so we developed this comprehensive online course. Students will be taught through practical videos and written course content. They will also be sent “at home” assignments to do.

You will have access to both the Zulu and English course

For peace of mind enrol now